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Link to article: Image obtained from,Learn%20more%20about%20syphilis.
Congratulations to our post-doctoral fellow Mara for receiving the STI CRC Developmental Research Project Award.
Congratulations to our graduate student Sean Waugh for receiving an invitation to talk at the 2024 Biology of Spirochetes GRC and receiving three scholarships: the Ray Hadfield Scholarship, Dr. Julius F. Schleicher Graduate Scholarship, and David F. Strong Research Scholarship.
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Welcome back and congratulations to our graduate student Angela Mitchell!
Work on syphilis vaccine development presented by Cameron lab members, Alloysius Gomez and Simon Houston at the 2023 STI & HIV World Congress was featured in the NIAID article below.  NIAID-Supported Research is Advancing the Response to Surging Syphilis Rates:
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