Cameron Laboratory, Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology
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Meet the Team

Staff from Cameron Laboratory

Meet the Team

Caroline E. Cameron
Caroline E. Cameron
Dr. Caroline Cameron is a Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology at the University of Victoria in Victoria BC, Canada, and...
Simon Houston
Simon Houston
Ph.D., Research Associate
Simon is a Research Associate in the laboratory of Dr. Caroline Cameron in the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology at the University of...
Alloysius Martin Gomez
Alloysius Martin Gomez
Laboratory Manager
Alloysius is originally from Malaysia and obtained his BSc from the University of Victoria. He has always been fascinated by STIs because of the...
Brigette Church
Brigette Church
Graduate Student
After 7 years as an acute care nurse Brigette went back to UVic to finish her microbiology degree and pursue her passion for studying infectious...
Ethan Schovanek
Ethan Schovanek
Undergraduate: Honours
Ethan is in his final year of a BSc. in Microbiology at the University of Victoria and is currently an Honours Student in the Cameron Laboratory...
Emily Tsao
Emily Tsao
Undergraduate: Honours
Emily is in her fourth and final year of a BSc. in Biochemistry at the University of Victoria, and is currently working on her Honours thesis with...
Sean Waugh
Sean Waugh
Undergraduate: Honours
Sean is a honours student in the final year of his BSc. In Microbiology. Sean’s research is focused on characterizing signal transduction pathways...
Nick Tang
Nick Tang
Undergraduate: Work-Study
Nick is in the final year of his BSc. in Microbiology and Psychology at University of Victoria and is currently a Work-Study Student in the...

Former Lab Members

Graduate Students

Mike Cummings
Yavor Denchev
Azad Eshghi
Claudia Gaither
Brenden Smith

Lab Manager

Rebecca Hof
Charmaine Wetherell

Post Doctoral Fellows

Karen Lithgow
Helena Pětrošová
Tim Witchell



Bradley Bachmeier
Teresa Brooks
Julia Hassler
Susanne Hrynuik
Bianca Jackson
Rosie Mazzolla
Drew Phillips
Shannon Russell
Darcy Sutherland


Razlin Azman
Arwen Barr
Marcus Barron
Brett Bauman
Kellie Brown
Rachael Brown
Alex Camenzind
Aman Dheri
Nicholas Dimopouos
Celine Doehring
Joslyn Dosanjh
Deirdre Farrington
Emma Field
James Furney
Aaron Hawkes
Marketa Hlavon
Lisa Honeyman
Kyle Irvine
Ben Jiang
Kate Lawrence
Siobhan Leir
Dana Lightburn
Hannah Lishsman
Candace Marsters
Sarah Mustafa
Angie Qi
Steven Quon
Nina Radisavljevic
Eddie Rekart
Ryan Ritkes
Alanna Roberts
Anna von Rossum
Mathew (Matt) Shortill
Brendan “Tony Bennett” Snarr
Jesse Spooner
Benjamin Vanderkruk
Anita Weng